Smoky Eyes

Smoky Eye -
This week, Valentina D’ Angela would like to show you some of our favorite tips and tricks to create the perfect smoky eye. The smoky eye is very popular request and is appropriate for a range of special events. There are so many different ways to create a smoky eye, but these are just a few of the go –to tricks we use!

-Highlight the Brow Bone
Highlighting the brow bone plays up the contrast of the smoky eye, this draws attention right to the iris of the eye. This is why the smoky eye can be such an alluring look. Take a slightly lighter shade than your normal powder and lightly brush under the outer eyebrow.
-Angled Brush, Blending Brush
Use an angled brush to create a V shape in the crease of the eye. Choose a medium to dark shade. This will create the base for the eye contouring. After you achieve the proper shape on both eyes, switch to your blending brush to buff out the hard edges of the v you just created. When the hard edges are diffused, you can use your blending brush with a medium shade to further blend.
-Think Lashes! Less Liner
Sometimes a lot of heavy eyeliner with a smoky eye can be unflattering. We find that being more subtle with the liner and focusing on amazing lashes greatly enhances the beauty of this look. We recommend using lash enhancements or a great mascara to help you achieve this. Applying many coats of mascara can be a good alternative to lash enhancements. Make sure to go waterproof!